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thegadgeteer's podcast

Dec 1, 2018

A conversation with Wade Smith, professional drone operator and president of Hartley Aerial Services, LLC.

Oct 14, 2018

Bod Skidmore, The Gadgeteer, discusses two methods of providing your medical information and history for quick access by medical responders.

Oct 14, 2018

Bob Skidmore, The Gadgeteer, interviews attorney, Bill Larson, of Larson and Larson, located in Largo, Florida about what you need to know about copyrights.

Aug 22, 2018

The Gadgeteer's conversation with YOUR TECHNOLOGY TUTOR, Chet Davis. We discuss all types of technology  security issues and their solutions.

Aug 20, 2018

A podcast that speaks to "Knowing The Law, Your Responsibilities And The Solution". This covers Forklifts, Marine Lifts, Narrow Isle Trucks, Marine Hoists, Scissor Lifts and Bucket Trucks.